Grants for Archives

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission or simply NHPRC, which is under the supervision of the National Archives and Records Administration or simply NARA, is supporting several projects that will encourage the safeguarding, conserving and using of the documentary heritages of United States of America that are very significant to the understanding of the culture, democracy and the history.

One of the grants for archives they are offering is the Archives – Basic Projects. This program by NHPRC is about the basic activities for archiving that will promote the conservation and usage of documentary of the USA. For interested parties, you must be able to demonstrate how you can make use of the best, efficient and most cost effective method of archival. Under this project, applicants should employ one or mixing of the following methods: “basic processing, preservation planning, collections development, and establishing archives”.

The NHPRC will be awarding 25 grants for archives and the financial aid that the winner will receive is up to $200,000, which is usable for two years ($100,000 per year). Therefore, NHPRC will award $1.75 million to its recipients. Eligibility of the archives or other historical documentation arsenal is proven if they are included in the US non-profitable institutions, in the academic institutions such as universities, federal government or agencies and Native Americans recognized by the State. The organizations applying in this grant must be recognized first by the Central Contractor Registration.

There is also a higher level of the grants for archives by the NHPRC and it is called the Detailed Processing Projects in which the commission is seeking detailed processing and conservation of the collections that have significance nationally. Successful applicants may receive monetary grant of up to $200,000 that is one to three years. They are awarding this grant to ten successful applicants. This grant needs more documents, requirements and more work compared to the Basic Projects grant. You can visit NHPRC official website at

The application can be done online by visiting This is the official website for online application for federal grants and if there are some technical difficulties in application using this website, you can contact 800-518-4726. On the other hand, application can still be done at the NHPRC website. Just fill out the application forms and submit the fully completed forms through the Application Instruction in the NHPRC website. You can also contact the grants program Specialist in this telephone number: (202) 357-5010.

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