Grants for Appalachia – Building Strong Communities

Communities are an integral part in a society and that is why there are many organizations, foundations and even the government putting their efforts to build a community wherein everyone can contribute to the welfare of it. A great community will produce great citizens.

That is why there are initiatives to start programs and project for the communities. One of them is the grants for Appalachia. Grants most of the time comes in money or it can be referred as financial aid and there is no need to repay the grantors. Federal government and its concerned agencies, foundations, organization and private persons can be the grantors.

One should keep in mind that these financial aids are for the starting of the new projects and programs and they are short-term. This can also be used for the expansion of a project, for the payment of an expense or a time-limited project. Take note that this grant is not a stable source of funds because this grant is not meant for long term use.

Two of the known grantors that provide grants for Appalachia are the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and Appalachian Community Fund. Both of them have tie up with the federal and state government.

The ARC has the following grants:

  • Start-up grant or the seed money funds that are used for starting up the program or project.
  • Project grants funds that are used for particular program or project.
  • Operating grant is the funding for the costs of a program that is in-progress.
  • Restricted grant aids particular part of the program or project.
  • Challenge grant are the funds that are raised via other means.
  • In-kind grant that is a non-monetary aid.

The ACF, on the other hand, are offering grants to those people working to start projects in the Appalachian counties in which their works demonstrate social change. In other words, they should show that they are driven to serve for the benefit of the community. The ACF are providing grants for the start-up or the seed money with the amount of $5,000, in other words, this grant is for Emerging Group and $10,000 for the Movement Building Group or the more established group.

You can download the application form for these two grantors to their official websites at for ARC and for AFC. The deadlines and other information and requirements are also listed in the said websites.

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