Grants for Anti-Bullying

Bullying in schools have become so rampant that it had caused some children to commit suicide. Bullying can be considered as a form of harassment and abuse in order to impose who is more powerful. This kind of action is not good at school, even in the community. The U.S. Department of education recognizes this situation and gives grants for anti-bullying that amounts to $38.8 million to 11 states last 2010. The release of the grants is very timely because it happened days before the suicide of five youths who were bullied in their schools for being gay. These states where bullying is very prominent are as follows: Arizona, California, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. There is an effort to add more states to be part of this program and there is now an effort to put up $165 million to support the addition of more states.

If your school is part of the said states, you can visit the to know more about this initiative. The Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools or OSDFS of the Department of Education is the one responsible to keep the schools safe places for youths and are pushing for this program. You can ask them for help on how to get the funding. However, the said amount is not distributed equally to all schools and they are subjected to screening. You can also visit and get more information that you need regarding the grants for ant-bullying.

The federal funding can be achieved simpler and easier is your school will sign up online at the In this website, you can know what agency will provide the grant, the kind of grant you will get and the available for our school. You will find lots of information in this website.

Aside from schools, the community can also received grants. An example is the Community Foundation for Central Florida that awarded just recently a $75,000 grant to the anti-bullying program pushed by an organization based in Florida. The organization are using the said money to promote anti-bullying int he counties of Florida. If you are interested to get grants for anti-bullying program, you can seek help from Community Investment Funds of the Community Foundation. It is important to make the schools free from abusing such as bullying and the grants can help organization and schools achieved that goal.

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