Grants for Animal Welfare

Animals in general are very important and they are the best companion of human beings. These animals are necessary for ecological balance and in keeping the condition of the environment at a balance. Apart from being man’s source of food, they also provide for our other basic needs. In short, they are very vital to keep the world going. And because of this, animals should be properly take cared off and should be protected.

In 2007 the Animal Welfare Act was created to modernize the requirements for properly caring for animals and providing their basic needs as well. The main purpose of these grants is to save innocent animals, provide their basic needs and help them to find happy homes they deserve.

Almost every state in the country has this program where animals are given welfare assistance for them to live for long years. One of these is food, veterinary care, medicines and others. There are various institutions that provide different programs, mainly to give proper assistance in each animal.

Maddie’s Fund Grants

The Maddie’s Fund collaborated with the municipalities to offers different types of grants for animal welfare and funding million dollar projects for providing welfare for the animals and this includes veterinary assistance, medical programs, and guarantees shelter for animals. These grants are limited in the area of United States. The programs will vary depending on the animal’s needs.

Petfinder Foundations Grants

Furthermore, Petfinder Foundations Grants provide funds for every type of animal welfare activity. They also provide program funds for vaccinations at animal shelters and helping the pets to avoid contagious diseases.

Animal Welfare Trust‘s grant

The Animal Welfare Trust‘s grant program seeks to help organizations to alleviate the animal’s suffering. The organization assisting the animal’s welfare can get simultaneous funds like single or multi-year period depending on their needs. If you are interested to get help from this institution, you can submit your applications and inquiries by email. And make sure that you include your organizations’ descriptions, mission and purpose.

There are many legitimate institutions that are willing to lend a helping hand to all the organizations that need grants for animal welfare. If you are setting up an organization for animal welfare, then don’t worry because there are plenty of support out there. You can surely save animals for their sufferings.

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