Grants for Animal Shelters

Today there is an overpopulation of animals and most of them are homeless. These homeless animals face desperate situations and they need loving and caring homes. Recent studies show that animals are being killed because of lack of shelter. If you want to rescue and take care of these homeless animals but don’t have the finances to do so, government services can help you can get grants for animal shelter.

With the help of the money provided by the government you can make your own animal shelter and adopt them.

American Humane Association Grants

The American Humane Association established a project for shelter expansions and improvements. This institution has been operational for a few years now and there are many projects that have been funded such as upgrading veterinary services, acquiring equipment for spaying and environment enrichment for homeless animals. If you are interested for applying grants, then you need to download the application form from the American Humane Association.

The American Humane Association grants money through the Second Chance Fund program. This program is created for animal welfare organizations to produce more shelters for homeless animals. The fund will provide $2,000 annually to a chosen applicant. By creating your own shelter for animals you will not only benefit from it, but you will be doing something to help the community. It’s a great fulfillment to save the life of a special animal and provide them caring homes.

Banfield Charitable Trust Grants

Other organizations that will help you pursue your charity for animals is the Banfield Charitable Trust. Like the first organization mentioned earlier the goal of this organization is to save homeless animals. They are willing to release up to 50 percent of funding projects for animal shelters as well as providing health care services for the animals. Also, they teach people about pet care and responsibilities as a pet owner.

Animal Assistance Foundation Grants

If you are based in Colorado, the Animal Assistance Foundation offers grant funding projects for homeless animals. The said foundation offers services and state grants to eligible applicants.

With so many institutions that offer grants for animal shelter, and if you are interested to make homes for unwanted animals and provides their basic needs, you can make your application and send them to governments grants for animal shelters.

Every animal deserves a home, and if you volunteer yourself for this kind of work your time and effort are surely worth it.

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