Grants for Animal Rescue Groups

All animals are given a chance to live like human. Every animal also have rights of their own, they are entitled to have a better caring homes, foods and medical assistance. Today, there are overpopulated animals and most of them are strays and some of these animals are being treated violently. Some people believe that they are lower forms of being and should not be given respect. Others may think that they are toys that do not experience pain, hunger and fatigue. But if you are aware of their importance you would know that they play vital role in the ecosystem and they deserve some respect.

While animals and humans have biological differences, they share some similarities like they too experience hunger, pain and thirst. In 2007 the Animal Welfare Act came into force with DEFRA modernizing the requirements for caring for animals as previously contained in The Protection of Animals Act 1911. And if you know someone who is cruel to animals you can contact your local authorities. In fact, there are many institutions that give grants for animal rescue groups who are responsible for protecting the animals from human cruelty.

American Humane Association (AHA) Grants

These groups handle different cases of violence for animals. Some of this rescue groups have lack of financial resources to save other animals from human cruelty. Fortunately, there are many organizations and institutions that provide grants to continue their advocacy of saving the lives of animals from violence.

The following grant opportunities are offered through the American Humane Association (AHA) to different animal rescue groups:

Kingston Animal Rescue

Is one of the volunteer groups that have a mission of “no-kill” animal policy. Their group rescues and finds homes for animals in need. In fact, they have rescued rehabilitated and found suitable adoptive homes for hundreds of animals in need. While the animal is in their proper care they give medical assistance and veterinary care before they are placed in foster homes. If you want to know more about their information, you can visit their official websites at for your inquiries.

Second Chance Fund

Is created to give animal victims of abuse a chance to live a normal life and provide foster homes for them. They provide financial assistance in selected cases and to active rescue groups who give their help for those animals that are abused and prepare proper caring homes for them. They give grants for about $2,000 per fiscal year. The grants are only entitled to animal sheltering agencies both private and public and active rescue groups.

You may visit their websites at or for your funding resources and information.

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