Grants for Adoptive Parents

Many childless couples go through the anguish of hoping to conceive without success for a long time. Some of them even go to the extent of spending thousands of dollars in infertility treatment that doesn’t seem to work for them. There are those who, after realizing that bearing their own biological child has become impossible go for adoption instead. Adoption, however is expensive, perhaps costing more than any infertility treatment but it will give them the child they want. For these couples, there is good news because there are grants for adoptive parents that can help them pay for adoption expenses.

A Child Waits Foundation – This foundation’s adoption grant program is for the purpose of helping children with special needs and older children from international orphanages be united with couples or parents willing to adopt them and have these children form part of their families. The amount of grant depends on many factors going into the adoption process but the foundation’s limit is $5,000. You can learn more about their adoption process, eligibility requirements and other pertinent information by visiting the A Child Waits website.

Christian Advocates for Adoption (CAFA) – This organization promotes adoption in the Christian context. They work with Christian couples who are willing to adopt children and raise them in the faith. You can get more information about their adoption process and qualification requirements through the CAFA website.

LifeSong for Orphans – this 501c3 non-profit organization offers financial assistance in the form of grants and interest-free loans for Christian couples and families wanting to adopt children from the US and from other countries. Grants are given on a matching “dollar for dollar” basis ranging from $1,000 to $4,000. Loans can be paid monthly or annually, depending on the adoptive family’s capacity to pay. You can call them at (309) 747 3556 for more information about their adoption process and requirements or you can visit their website at

Prospective adoptive couples are required by law to take classes before being allowed to adopt children coming from the foster care system and from some international adoptions. This is necessary to prepare them as parents for possible issues that necessarily arise from being parents of adopted children. Adoptive parents of young children should prepare for possible developmental delays of the child (if the child is not “special needs” child.) Delays may be due to lack of stimulation and toys or lack of bonding time with caregivers and can be overcome in time with proper care.

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