Grants for Adoption

Adoption brings hope to both the adoptive parents and the adopted children. Together they form a real family. But just like any other family, they can also experience the same problems that can make life hard. The process of adopting children itself can be difficult, full of complicated steps and expensive. If you are planning to adopt a child but find that you need financial assistance, you can apply for grants for adoption. These grants come from organizations around the country that are dedicated to help prospective adoptive parents and children come together and form a family.

Gift of Adoption Fund

The founders of this fund believe that adoption is all about giving all children the love and dignity they so deserve in life. They mean to inspire more families to adopt children by providing financial support to qualified parents so that abandoned children can have a chance to prosper in a home they can call their own. You can learn more about the application process by going to the Gift of Adoption website or you can send an email to:

National Adoption Foundation

This foundation was started by adoptive parents in 1994 for the purpose of meeting the needs of families willing to adopt but have financial difficulties while at the same time advocating for support for adoption. It seeks to provide information and services to adoptive families but its primary objective is giving financial support for the whole adoption process. They are open to support families willing to adopt infants, or children from foster care or from abroad. You can get more information here:

100 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT 06811
Phone: 203-791-3811

Founders Becky and Kipp Fawcett are themselves adoptive parents. They decided to establish this financial assistance program after going through the expensive process of adopting their son. They wanted to spare other potential adoptive parents from experiencing the same hardships they went through. This non-profit grant program provides from $500 to $15,000 that adoptive parents can use towards expenses they incur during the adoption process. You can learn more about HelUsAdopt by going to their website or by emailing them at:

Many couples, even those who already have their own biological children are starting to realize the joy of spreading the love they have for children by adopting. But not all will have the financial resources for this purpose. There are many grants for adoption available and if you are qualified, you can get the necessary funds to go through the process of adopting a child. Just make sure that you prepare and submit all necessary documentation so your adoption application will go through without any problem.

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