Community Connect Grant Program

What is the aim of Community Connect Grant Program?

The Community Connect Grant Program encourages community-oriented connectivity by providing grants to eligible applicants who will deploy broadband transmission service in rural communities where such service does not currently exist; who will connect all critical community facilities such as local schools, education centers, libraries, hospitals, health care providers, law enforcement agencies, public safety organizations, fire, and rescue services, as well as residents and businesses; and who will operate a community center which provides free and open access to area residents.

Who Are Eligible to Apply for Community Connect Grant Programs?

To be eligible for Community Connect Grant Programs, the applicant must: (a) be legally organized as an incorporated organization, an Indian tribe or tribal organization, a state or local unit of government, or other legal entity, including cooperatives or private corporations or limited liability companies organized on a for profit or not-for profit basis, and (b) have the legal capacity and authority to own and operate the broadband facilities as proposed in its application, to enter into contracts and to otherwise comply with applicable federal statutes and regulations.

Who Are the beneficiaries of the Community Connect Grant Programs?

The people living in rural areas and to improve rural opportunities through the availability of access to high speed broadband networks.

How to Apply for Community Connect Grant Programs?

Submit an application in accordance with 7 CFR 1739 and its accompanying application guide.

How much is the range and average of Community Connect Grant Programs?

The Agency will publish, annually in the Federal Register, a Notice of Funds Availability that sets forth the maximum and minimum funding for each grant. The size of grants varies.

Where to send applications for Community Connect Grant Programs?

Headquarters Office
Assistant Administrator
Telecommunications Program Rural Utilities Service, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., STOP 1590, Washington, District of Columbia 20250
Phone: (202) 720-9554
Web Site Address:

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