Grants for Cars

Grants for cars are offered by several non-profit organizations with the aim of helping promote awareness for the environment’s protection and maintenance. There are also grantors who give out car grants with the aim of alleviating the living conditions of the poor or under privileged.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle or simply is a combined project of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition. The AFV and Alternative Fuel Rebate or simply AFR provide grants for cars to deserving individuals who will pursue their mission of using green cars. The program awards cash grants of $4,000.

Recipients must use the cash for buying green cars that are operated by alternative fuels. The following fuels are the only accepted in green cars: 20% bio-diesel blended in diesel, propane, E85, hydrogen powered and the electricity powered vehicles. The program also extends to hybrid electric cars in which when you buy it from the dealers around Illinois, you can get rebates. Contact the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency by calling them at (2170 546 – 5007 or by visiting their website at

1-800-Charity Cars

The 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization called the 1-800-Charity Cars is offering grants for cars as well as buying cars that are intended for low income employees as well as individuals with disability. Other eligible applicants for their free cars are the victims of domestic violence victims. The aim of the foundation is to help these people in the rebuilding stage of their lives so that they will become self sufficient. 1-800-Charity Cars also works hand in hand with other non-profit organizations and social service. Aside from giving free cars, the organization accepts donations of tax-deductible vehicles in which they will repair and then auction so that they can raise additional money to finance their other programs intended for families and individuals in need.

The application process for the grants for cars provided by the organization can be accomplished online. Visit their website at and get to know more about the eligibility and specific application guidelines.

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Longwood, FL 32779

Grants for cars – making cars affordable to the less privileged

There are lots of non-profit organizations that are working to alleviate the problems encountered by the poor, low income and the needs families or individuals. This is of course in addition to the efforts put up by the federal government. There are lots of programs intended for the needy, the poor, the low income employees as well as servicemen in the military. One of them is the grants for cars in which the federal government provides for military servicemen and non-profit organizations.

Good News Garage or GNG

The Good News Garage or simply called the GNG, is a program started by the Lutheran Social Services. The organization has vast operations in the following areas: Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The Good News Garage is aimed to develop opportunities to the people in need through providing affordable as well as reliable options for transportation.

Good News Garage does major repairs to almost all cars that are donated to them. These are then given out to low income individuals who have been found to be eligible and deserving recipients. The GNG program grants discounts amounting to about $1,500 to as much as $2,000 in assisting recipients in his/her purchase of used cars that has been GNG repaired. If you are living in the said areas, visit the nearest locations of GNG. You can view their website for more info: or call them at (877) 448 – 3288.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Program

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or the VA is providing cash grants for veterans and servicemen who are making a used or brand new car purchase. The Office of Veterans Affairs will grant financial assistance amounting to as much as $11,000. The cash grant will automatically go to the procurement of a new or second hand vehicle. Applicants must first fill up completely the VA Form 21 – 450 or the “Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive Equipment”. This form must be submitted, together with the other requirements to the nearest and local office of the VA. The forms are obtainable at your local VA office. You can also get it by downloading them from

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