Grants for Book Clubs

Almost every person like to be a part of book clubs. Book clubs can be a place for discussions like forums. These can be the avenues to exchange insights, ideas, traditions, current events and culture. Whatever your reasons for joining book clubs, or for starting up your own book club, you can find grants that offer cash assistance that can be used only for the benefit of the club.

Great Stories Club Grants

These grants are offered by the American Library Association or simply the ALA with the cooperation from the Young Adult Library Services Association or simply YALSA. Together, they are awarding assistance for 200 grants annually to the deserving libraries that gives reading as well as discussion centers for the less privileged and under-served youth. The program is focused on empowering the youth through reading books that are related to their situation and life. The funding for the program mostly comes from Oprah’s Angel Network. Interested libraries and non-profit organizations can look for this program at Application requirements and guidelines are also available there.

The Focus on Literacy Grants

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs or simply GFWC is offering cash grants amounting to $150 to the participating book clubs. However the participating book clubs must be members from GWFC. The cash grant is solely use for purchasing books in order to support the needs for literacy in most children. The, the website of GWFC, has the complete details about the rules, guidelines and restrictions. The application form is also available for download at the website. The Focus on Literacy Grants program is a year round program and so there is no fixed deadline.

Early Childhood Reading Grants

The Early Childhood Reading Grants is a program launched by the Target Corporation. This program is awarding cash grants mostly in libraries, schools as well as non-profit organizations. The money assistance must be used to start book clubs for kids. The cash grants are usually $2,000. This program is annually offered by Target. The deadline for applications is from 1st of March 1 up to 30th of April every year. The complete details about the program are accessible at Target’s official website (

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