Grants for Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a natural mineral that is used in most construction projects. This material is used in various building materials to make them more durable and fire resistant. It is also used in a number of household products like oven gloves and ironing boards.

You can find asbestos in various areas of your house like gutters, eaves, linings for walls, doors, ceilings, insulation panels for storage heaters, central heating flues, bath panels, in between floor and wall panels and in floor tiles. Exposure to low amounts of asbestos is not that harmful to human health however extreme amounts can lead to cancer.

Removal of excess asbestos and its residue can be harmful if you inhale its fibers. The costs of its removal can be extremely expensive and time consuming so you will need to hire a professional to do it. Fortunately there are grants which can provide you with financial assistance for asbestos removal projects in your home, office and school.

Healthy Homes Inc.

Healthy Homes Inc. gives grants for asbestos removal for eligible applicants. The grant is applied on the cost of services in the removal of asbestos in the home, office or in schools. The company will look for a contractor that can render cheap and affordable services for asbestos removal for their approved applicants. The company abides by the state regulations on asbestos removal where your home or building is located and this affects their criteria for grant approval.

To apply for the grant you can fill out an application form and become a member on their website: or call 1-800-578-7038.

Contamination Clean-up Grants

The Tax Base Revitalization Account was created by the Metropolitan Livable Communities Act. This provides the funds you need for cleaning up polluted land making it viable for economic redevelopment, to produce affordable housing which will help in the enhancement of the municipality’s tax base. These grants for Contamination Clean-up is designed to reimburse the cost expense of the applicant after they have completed the investigation of the clean-up site, have implemented a clean-up plan and have begun their redevelopment. The cleanup funds of the TBRA are awarded to projects for redevelopment that will begin within a 2 year period from receiving the grant award.

The grant funds available for applications for contamination clean-up are ranges from $3 to $3.5 million. This account is created to complement the programs of the Minnesota Department of Employment, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Economic Development of Hennepin and Ramsey County.

The following applicants are eligible for the grant: Local Development authorities and Metropolitan counties; home or statutory rule charter towns or cities participating in Metropolitan Livable Communities Housing Incentives Program. The applications will undergo an investigation and strict approval process. The proposal for the funds must contain the resolution of support which issued by the local unit of government where the project will be executed. Application forms and complete list of requirements for the fund can be procured from, duly accomplished and sent to:

Metropolitan Council, 390 North Robert Street, St. Paul, MN 55101-1805

or you can send them online at:

The availability of funds is subjected to the applied laws, rules and regulations of the federal, municipal and state. The Metropolitan Council has the right to withdraw or modify the RFP at any given time.

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