Grants for Agencies

Grants for agencies, both for nonprofit and for profit agencies, are available for those who are resourceful enough to find them. A thorough search on the internet websites may give a trove of information on where to apply for funding for the different types of purposes and programs. Eligibility for funding is dependent on the objectives of the agencies and what programs they intend to carry out. Grants for agencies range from funding scientific research to funding programs for community outreach.

Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Grant

This grant provides representation assistance to those low income taxpayers who have disputes with the Internal Revenue Service. The grant is for outreach services and education of taxpayers who speak English as a second language. The purpose of the tax clinic is to inform low income taxpayers of their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers. Eligible for the grant are institutions of higher education that are public or state controlled, Native American tribal governments, nonprofit organizations, private institutions of higher education that will organize taxpayer clinics.

Special Education Technical Assistance and Dissemination to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities

The objective of this grant is to improve the academic achievement of children with disabilities by giving them technical assistance, support projects of model demonstration, disseminate information, and implement activities that are backed up by scientific-based research. The agencies that are eligible to apply for this grant are educational agencies run by the state, local education agencies, public charter schools, institutions of higher learning, private nonprofit organizations, Indian tribal organizations, and some for-profit organizations who meet the eligibility requirements. Beneficiaries of the programs that are funded by the grant are infants, toddlers, and other individuals with disabilities.

Grant Providing Assistance for Abandoned Infants

This grant is provided through the Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health and Human Services, as authorized by the Abandoned Infants Assistance Act of 1988. The objectives of the program are the development, implementation, and operation of projects that will demonstrate steps to prevent the abandonment of infants and young children, address the problems associated with abandoned infants, assist these abandoned children, and carry out activities that support the needs of the abandoned children. Funds for the programs may be used to carry out the above-mentioned objectives. Eligible to apply for this grant are State and local governments, Indian Tribal governments, and nonprofit organizations and universities.

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