Community Development Grants

Grants for the purpose of funding various community development projects such as infrastructure and commerce are obtainable through different government and non-government offices. For government block grants, funding for different community projects like inexpensive housing and other such endeavors that aim to help the public to achieve a better way of life is usually easier to be awarded, minus exhaustive federal formalities.

Unlike specific purpose grants, the majority of the decision in the allocation of community development grants is largely dependent on local governments or its sub-grantees. This type of grant was created in order to better address the needs of the community at ground level. Depending on the community’s need, grants are either used to revive old communities or boost the growth of a relatively new and developing community.

In order to ensure the appropriate handling and allotment of community development grants, the government requires grantees to ensure that the public is heard through communal forums. In this arena, all must be heard and a decision must be made in order to inoculate the funding where it is needed most. Whereas a top to bottom approach would require that a grant be immediately awarded, the bottom to top approach of this procedure allows the community itself to identify the problem areas that need to be prioritized.

Additionally, the government takes into consideration certain factors as they review a grantee’s proposal. The goals of the development proposal must coincide with primary goals which include the elimination of obvious signs of poverty such as slum areas, the dissemination of health and safety information, the erection of public infrastructure such as roads, better sewage system, and the maintenance of or construction of civic and historical buildings.

Community development grants are also allocated to the construction of and maintenance of school buildings plus other economically-beneficial ventures that may aid in the creation of jobs, especially for those that are residing in the area.