Anschutz Family Foundation

What is Anschutz Family FoundationGrant?

The Anschutz Family Foundation pledges their support to nonprofit organizations in Colorado that gives their assistance to people in helping themselves nurture and preserve their self-respect. The Foundation encourages efforts that gives strength to families and communities and encourage individuals to become responsible and productive citizens. The Foundation has a particular focus on community development, self-sufficiency and on programs that are aimed at the young, disabled, elderly and economically disadvantaged. The Foundation is likewise dedicated to funding ventures in the rural areas of Colorado.

Who are eligible for Anschutz Family Foundation Grant?

The Foundation in general will not support the following:

  • grants to individuals
  • programs outside the jurisdiction of Colorado
  • post-graduate and graduate research
  • religious organizations for the purposes of religion
  • special events, conferences or promotions
  • political candidates
  • endowments
  • debt reduction
  • multi-year grants

On exceptional occasions the Foundation gives funds for capital campaigns of organizations located in rural Colorado that have missions that are closely aligned with the Foundation’s line of interest. The applicants are advised to initially submit a 1 page letter of inquiry in order to gauge the interest of the Foundation in their review of a request for a capital campaign.

If you are a Supporting Organization Type III under 509(a)(3) of the IRS code please contact the foundation for further instructions.

How to apply for Anschutz Family Foundation Grant?

Applicants must submit one copy of the proposal.

Where to send applications for Anschutz Family Foundation Grant?

Applicants must send their applications to:

The Anschutz Family Foundation
555 Seventeenth Street, Suite 2400
Denver, Colorado 80202
voice: 303-293-2338
fax: 303-299-1235

For more information on Anschutz Family Foundation, contact:

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