Animal Assistance Foundation

What is Animal Assistance Foundation Grant?

The Animal Assistance Foundation is giving their commitment in making Colorado exceptional and philantrophic in animal welfare. The website offers information about the areas where our grants are focused and in how to prepare your grant applications. They also feature news on the latest activities in our animal welfare community located in Colorado and on the fantastic accomplishments of our partners. Visit their website to be updated with all these information. They also urge the public to support the organizations on animal welfare in your locality.

Who are eligible for Animal Assistance Foundation Grant?

The applicant should be located in Colorado or have an immediate impact on the animals and its owners in Colorado.

How to apply for Animal Assistance Foundation Grant?

Initially the organization applying for the grant should submit a letter of inquiry or an e-mail before the submittion of a Modle State Grant formal application. The letter of inquiry should contain a brief description of their organization and the program proposal with the amount of the funds to be requested. If your application is unapproved then it would not be considered.

If your project has been accepted you will immediately receive an email of the application for with its guidelines.

Where to send applications for Animal Assistance Foundation Grant?

To submit an e-mail or letter of inquiry and for more information, contact AAF at:
1805 South Bellaire Street, Suite 400, Denver, Colorado 80222

For more information on Animal Assistance Foundation, contact:

Phone: 303.744.8396 | Email:

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