Grants for Aspiring Teachers

Being a teacher is such a fulfilling career. However, there are several reasons why students opt not to choose this career primarily because of the salary. Because of that, many schools are lacking the right number of teachers that will tend to students. In other words, the student to teacher ratio is increasing due to the lack of teachers. In order to alleviate this alarming issue, the government together with private organizations and foundations, are offering ways to make students become teachers through financial aids in the form of scholarships and grants for aspiring teachers.

There are Federal grants for those who want to pursue being a teacher sponsored by the US Department of Education. They are offering grants and scholarships for aspiring teachers that they can use in their college. The program is called TEACH in which the recipients awarded with the grants is required to teach for four years in low-income and rural areas after they graduated from college. If he/she fails to meet required service after his/her graduation, the grant will be converted to loan in which he/she must repay.

Aside from the federal government, there are also private entities that are willing to assist aspiring teachers reach their goals like the Toyota. The company, together with the Educational Testing Service, is awarding 100 scholarship grants to high school senior students that they can use in college. This is the Toyota Community Scholars in which monetary grants of $20,000 are awarded to deserving students that he/she will have to use for four years in college. Another private foundation offering support for aspiring teachers is the Siemens Foundation. They are awarding scholarship grants for aspiring teachers annually to the minority students are willing and dedicated to teach K-12 in the field of Science and Mathematics. The Siemens teacher Scholarships program’s applicants must be attending university or college that are historically black. Aside from that, he/she must also show his/her excellence in academics and financial needs. The scholarship grants are managed by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

There are also specific grants for aspiring teachers such as coming from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. This state grants are awarding two kinds of scholarship programs for students that are willing to teach in North Carolina schools after graduation. First is the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program that awards $6,500 per year monetary grants to 500 high school seniors that they can use for their four-year course. The other is the Prezell R. Robinson Scholars Program, which is almost the same as the first one. Recipients of the grants must work for four years in North Carolina.

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