Grants for Asian Students

For Asian students, studying abroad is a dream come true. Some of the reasons why Asian students prefer to study abroad, particularly in the universities in United States, is that graduate studies in United States give a higher quality of education. Almost all of the top ten universities in the world based on standards can be found in the United States. Other reason is that they are looking for the right university that offers the career they want. However, the cost of studying abroad will be a burden to most Asian students. The tuition fees, entrance exams, requirements, travel expenses and many more are too much of a burden for students. Good thing that there are philanthropists who are willing to lend financial assistance.

For Asian students who want to take up graduate studies in abroad, they can seek what college and universities that their own school has tie ups with in the US. If there are indeed agreements, it is possible that you can get fellowship grants. You can still get funding for your study or even research abroad because most of the time, universities all over the world are sending invitations to apply for grants and scholarships. Go to the graduate student office of your school and coordinate with them for the available grants.

Government grants can be also your solution. Most of the time, the Department of Education in your country, especially the agency for higher education and the Science and Technology department are offering grants and fellowship to qualified students. Cash grants can amount to $20,000 more or less depending on the grant you applied for as well as the duration of it. Contact the education as well as your science and technology department of your country to get an update for all grants which are available.

Aside from your own school and the government, there are philanthropists whom you can count on. Foundations, organization as well as private individuals who are willing to give cash grants for Asians students.

Here are some examples of those projects: Association for Asian Studies, Inc., Asian American Federation of New York, Asian American Journalists Association, Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program, the Luisa Mallari Fellowship, the Media Action Network for Asian American and many more. These foundations or programs are offering monetary grants which Asian students can use for the expenses in his or her living in the country of his or her choice. The grants can last for two to three years and Asian students need not to repay the grantors.

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