Grants for Asian Americans Students

There many Asian Americans that have the intelligence and skills to blend well with Americans in some of the prestigious universities around the United States. Admittance to the universities in U.S. is not that hard and difficult. Funding for it is also not a problem because there are lots of means to do this. There are fellowships, scholarships, assistantships and grants for Asian Americans that they can use to study in the USA.

If they come from another country, they can seek grants from their governments. The counterpart of the education department of USA in that country has programs that will send the student to US. In addition, universities from their home countries have tie ups with the universities in the US and are offering grants, scholarships and fellowships. Moreover, you can go to your graduate office in your department and look for scholarships, grants and the like of foreign universities. Majority of the universities are offering grants and scholarships for graduate studies abroad and they are posting it to your graduate office. These kinds of grants have something in return; students who are accepted in his program must return back to their country of origin and serve there.

Aside from government assistance, there are foundations, organizations and private entities that are giving grants for Asian Americans. One example is the Urban Artist Initiative of New York City. This program is offered to students living in New York City, but of Asian descent and will take up arts in universities such as literary, performing and visual. The financial aid that will be awarded ranges from $250 to $2,500.

Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program or simply the SEASREP program Grants are accessible for the subsequent kinds of research:

  • For the Language Training
  • Pursuing Master’s or Doctoral degree (the Luisa Mallari Fellowship).
  • Comparative and Collaborative Research Grant.

For more details about this grant, you can visit their website at

For those who are interested in taking up journalism, you may want to apply for the grants offered by the Asian American Journalists Association or simply AAJA. They are offers three various grants for Asian Americans that are qualified. First is the AAJA Internship Grant for Broadcast that will award grant cash of $2,000 to interns working for radio or TV network and that will be use for transportation as well as living expenses.

Next is the Chicago Tribune Print as well as the New Media Internship program grants that will award $1,500.00 in grants to persons working with news institutions – for their living or their transportation expenses. Last is the so-called Stanford Chen Internship Grants that will be given to three people and one is reserved for Pacific Northwest residents.

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