Grants for Active Duty Military

Serving in the military has some very attractive benefits. Not only do you get to be patriotic but you can also establish a career or make it as a stepping stone to pursue the education you otherwise cannot get anywhere. There are many grants for active duty military that you are already qualified. You just have to look for it, apply and receive the benefit. Being an active duty member of the Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Marine Corps entitles you to several education benefits which can help you pay for your college education.

Military Tuition Assistance (TA)

This assistance program provides financial aid to support our soldiers’ personal and professional development plans. It can be applied to accredited courses recognized by the US Department of Education and can be studied through distance learning or in the classroom. TA can be used to pursue a college degree but not master’s, or to complete high school and certificate programs.

Military Education Support Programs

Soldiers may qualify to apply for education programs, including specific scholarships and college funds that can help them realize their dreams of getting the education they want. Each branch of the military has its own voluntary education programs.

The Army has a program called ACES or Army Continuing Education System which offers members opportunities to obtain a college degree. They also have the SOCAD or Servicemen Opportunity Colleges which offers degree program for army member. The Army College Fund is available to soldiers who signed up for the Montgomery GI Bill. Under this program, high school graduates who score 50 points or better in the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) can qualify for Army jobs and receive more than $20,000 educational benefit. The Navy branch for its part has a number of Voluntary Education Programs for sailors who want to get a college education and advance their career in the Navy. Two of these programs are Servicemembers Opportunity College ( SOCNAV) and the Navy Graduate Education Voucher.

Air Force branch members also enjoy educational benefits through the Community College of the Air Force which offers several education programs designed to help members realize their plans to get college degrees.

The Marine Corps has Lifelong Learning Programs that include Marine Deployed Education Programs and United Services Military Apprenticeship Program among others. They also have the Military Academic Skills Program which is aimed at improving the competencies of members in reading, mathematics and communication arts; and the SOCMAR or the Service members Opportunity College for Marines.

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