Grants for Acting Students

There is always something of an actor in all of us but most people would rather not acknowledge it and just let it go. But for others, the call of the stage or celluloid screen is just too much to resist and so they aspire to become real actors and actresses. Some would have real, raw talents that carried them to the top while others, a majority of them, would have to struggle with themselves to bring out the emotion called for by the script. But whether they have the talent or not, they would certainly benefit from acting lessons and they would be glad to know that there are grants for acting students. Yes, acting can be learned at school and you might be surprise that many famous actors have gone through acting schools.

The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (NYCDA) – this conservatory’ School of Film and Television gives scholarships to financially strapped acting students who show artistic potentials. Annual scholarship grants can be over $800,000. They have the Mary Doyle Memorial Scholarship, also based on the student’s acting talent and financial needs. The scholarship amount range is from $500 to $10,000. There is also the Sanford Meisner Merit Award for student actors who show great talent at their audition. This scholarship is renewed upon invitation by the school and if the student keeps a 3.0 GPA as minimum requirement. You can get more information about their scholarship grants and financial aid from the NYCDA website.

Donna Reed Scholarships – this scholarship is given by the Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts. It is awarded to students who are eligible for post-secondary education and wish to get an education or start a career in the performing arts. Scholarships are available in the acting, musical theater and vocal categories.

The Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship – this scholarship is administered by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. It is granted to exceptional acting student who wish to advance their career in acting. Nineteen regional awards and 2 fellowships are given annually. Recipients are given not only financial assistance but also recognition and honor. A university or college with a production may submit one nomination for the scholarship. You can get more information from the website cited above.

Being able to act and make people believe in the character you are portraying is a great gift. You can either forget it, and live your normal, everyday life, or you can give yourself a chance and pursue an acting career, studying and perfecting your art. If you choose the latter, you can get grants for acting students to help you pay your way to the stage.

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