Grants for Churches

It is the common misconception that churches could hardly get grants because religious organizations are not usually qualified for grant funding. However, there are lots of grants that are specifically designed to assist churches, religious organizations, and other nonprofit organizations that are involved in religious activities. There are many available grants for churches, especially in projects involving rebuilding. The possible sources of grants for churches include, government grants given through the Faith-Based Initiatives, and other religious grant-giving bodies.

It is an organization that is dedicated to assisting churches obtain funding for reconstruction, remodeling, and other projects. The organization does not provide grant itself but connect churches with the sources of grant funding. The organization offers information and advice to churches on how to secure grant money from government agencies or programs. The organization also provides help in writing grant proposals.

Faith-Based Initiative

It is a White House-run program that specifically help churches and religious organizations. To be eligible for the program, a church group must be able to show that the grant money will be spent for the benefit of the community such as programs that will provide food and shelter to the homeless, provide free day care, and recovery programs for substance abusers.

General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church

This is a denomination-specific grant source so it will provide funding only to churches belonging to the United Methodist Church. To be eligible for grant, a Methodist church should show how that it strives to meet the objective of “ending conflicts and violent aggressions around the world” and “promoting just national and international policies seeking to restore communities and respond to the disproportionate effect of injustices on racial and ethnic persons.” Methodist churches that will meet the eligibility requirements can get a grant up to $200,000.

The Lilly Endowment

The grant program aims to support educational, religious, and projects for community development. The foundation is focused on providing grants to the state of Indiana but may also provide national grants. The Lilly Foundation supports five major religious efforts. Grants are given to churches that aim to improve the quality of their leadership. To avail of the grant, applicant churches must submit a letter of inquiry to the Lilly Foundation. Guidelines and information on how to apply for the grant may be obtained from the foundation’s website.

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