Grants for Clergy

The Clergy is the official religious leadership in a religion. They are the ones busy with all the obligations and religious activities in their religion. Most of the time, the priest, pastor, and preacher are the ones doing the works of clergy. In order for them to strengthen their work, there are grants for clergy offered in which the assistance can be use in their stepping away from their obligation, but will improve and strengthen their selves through assessment and reflection.

National Clergy Renewal Program for 2011

The Lilly Endowment is awarding the National Clergy Renewal Program for the year 2011. The foundation is seeking to make stronger the Christian congregations through programs that will provide opportunities for clergymen. The programs are intended for them so that they can step away temporarily from the unrelenting responsibilities of their parish life and to take on a period of reflection and renewal. The periods intended for renewal are not for vacations, but for deliberate journeying and reflection, for retrieval of the enthusiasm and innovation for his/her ministry. The National Clergy Renewal Program for 2011 will award as much as 150 grants and each can receive up to $50,000 for Christian congregations in their renewal effort program for their clergymen. While as much as $15,000 of the cash grant can be utilized for the expenses in the congregational renewal program. Proposals must be submitted by interested applicants with the deadline at May 12, 2011. A pdf and MS word formal of the program’s guidelines, application process, are available for download at and For more inquiries visit the two websites or call at (317) 916 – 7350 or email them at Documents and other application materials must be submitted by mail.

Jean M. Smith
Lilly Endowment Inc.
2801 North Meridian St.
Indianapolis. IN 46208-0068

Clergy Enrichment Grant

The Clergy Enrichment Grant is a program by the Jessie Ball duPont Fund that offers cash grants of up to $4,000 for clergy in which they can use for the personal, educational, or professional uses. Eligible organizations can be found at the Jessie Ball duPont Fund’s official website ( offers a comprehensive list of eligible organizations. For the complete details of the grants available such as eligibility requirements, application process and guidelines are all accessible at Call (904) 353 – 0890 for more inquiries.

Jessie Ball duPont Fund
One Independent Drive, Suite 1400
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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