Grants for Disadvantaged Youth and Children

The disadvantaged youth are deemed to be close to become drop out in school; moreover, they can also become premature parents or being a parent in such as young age. And this kind of living, which is living in poverty, is more likely to be passed to their children. In order to stop this, there are foundation working to give them another chance to live a better life by providing grants for the disadvantaged youth and children.

Gamble Foundation Grants

The Gamble Foundation is giving support to organizations serving the disadvantaged youth and children in the counties of San Francisco, Marin and Napa. The foundation is particularly interested in supporting youth development in terms of literacy, educational as well as personal. The foundation is awarding cash grants ranging from $5,000 up to $20,000. Applicants must submit first grant proposals as well as the needed documents through email. Submission of the documents must be in PDF format. Grants proposal must be submitted to Sunnie Paulman in the following email: Give Sunnie a call to confirm if the email is received at (415) 561 – 6540 local 222. Any questions regarding the grant programs must be directed to Eric Sloan in his email at Full details of the grant programs can be viewed at

The Gamble Foundation
1660 Bush St., Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94109

Ruddie Memorial Youth Foundation Evaluation Grants

The Ruddie Memorial Youth Foundation or the MRYF is offering the Evaluation Grants that is intended for the youth programs. The foundation is awarding cash grants amounting to $5,000 up to $25,000. Specifically, the Evaluation Grants are intended for programs that will serve the disadvantaged youth. To be exact, the foundation is looking to lend their assistance to organizations working for innovative programs that will empower the disadvantaged youth in every aspects of their life. The Evaluation Grants are open to all organizations that will work coinciding with the foundations goals. If the organization is accepted and demonstrated the Ruddie Memorial Youth Foundation goals, the foundation will encourage them to send application for the Replication as Dissemination Grants. These two grants are only offered to recipients who received the Evaluation Grants. The deadline for the submission of application is set on the 27th of July, 2011. For any questions, comments and inquiries, contact the foundation by sending an email to The full details of all the grants by the Ruddie Memorial Youth Foundation can be seen by visiting

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