Grants for Disabled Children and the Youth

Children with disabilities (such as visual, hearing, mobility and mental) are eligible to receive support and assistance from different sectors and organizations. The grants for disabled children can be used for the special equipments they need, scholarships or in general, making these children part and relevant to the community they belong.

Children with Special Needs Fund

The Children with Special Needs Fund or simply the CSN Fund is providing equipments as well as services to children needing special health care assuming that there are no other resources to provide it such as the state or the federal programs. The CSN Fund is administered by the Michigan Department of Community Health or the MDCH. Eligible youth and children are those with age 21 and below, enrolled in the Children’s Special Health Care Services. Below are the equipments and services that can be offered by the CSN Fund:

  • Van Lifts and Wheelchair Tie-Downs – The CSN Fund will as much as $6,000 that will be used for a van lift with a tie-down system.
  • Home Wheelchair Ramps – as much as $3,000 will be paid by the CSN Fund for the purchasing and installing of home wheelchair ramps.
  • Air Conditioners – as much as $500 will be allotted for one air conditioning unit provided that this is deemed medically needed.
  • Electrical Service Upgrades – as much as $1,000 will be paid by the CSN for upgrading the electrical service in order to accommodate medical equipment for eligible child.
  • Therapeutic Specialty Tricycles – as much as $1,500 will be allotted by the fund for therapeutic specialty tricycle.

Applicants must download application at and submit it to the address below:

Children with Special Needs Fund
Michigan Department of Community Health
320 South Walnut St.
Lansing, MI 48913

Applications materials can also be faxed in this number: (517) 335 – 8055. For question and inquiries, call the CSN Fund at (517) 241 – 7420 or (800) 359 – 3722; email them at

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation

The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation or the MAEF is providing national grants to the programs as well as to the organizations all over the US that are working for the young people with disabilities to become included in the society. Interested applicants must know if their projects or programs coincide with the MAEF’s priorities and guidelines. A short concept paper is needed for eligible organizations and submission of this paper is year round. This will serve your preliminary review. Concept papers can be submitted by fax or mail to the local MAEF or online at Visit and go to the Contact Us webpage and send your inquiries to the MAEF.

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