Grants for Children of Veterans

Going to college is financially tough for anyone but help could be available if you happen to be a child of a veteran as there are lots of grants for children of veterans. There are legislations such as the GI Bill and other state laws that created mechanisms for the giving of grants to veterans and children of veterans. In addition to grants given as mandated by legislations, there are also private organizations that provide educational assistance to children of veterans. In some cases, the educational assistance is dependent on the veteran being a disabled but in most cases the assistance is generally given to the veteran’s children.

Veterans Benefits Administration

This agency of the Department of Veterans Affairs awards education grant for the children of disabled veterans. The Dependent’s Educational Assistance Program (DEA) which is a part of the Montgomery Bill, more popularly known as the GI Bill, provides educational assistance to veteran’s children who are enrolled in college or a vocational school. To qualify for this grant, the veteran’s disability needs to be total and service-connected. The eligibility of the veteran’s children is limited to ages 18 to 26 but can be extended for a qualifying reason such as if the child is serving in the Armed Forces. The grant money for college education ranges from $231.25 for one-quarter term to $925 for a full year enrollment.

Surviving College Grant

The grant is offered by the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund (CFSRF), a nonprofit organization that is not affiliated with the government, to children of U.S. veterans who were killed, injured, or disabled during the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. The grant money may be spent for costs associated with college education such as tuition, purchase of school supplies, and campus housing. Applications for the grant must be submitted before April 30th and October 31st. Application forms must be downloaded and must be submitted through the organization’s website.

The 1st Marine Division Association’s Scholarship Program

The association offers educational assistance to children whose parents had served with the 1st Marine Division and are deceased or disabled. The grant money is intended towards obtaining a bachelor’s degree only, never for a master’s degree. To be eligible for the grant, children of 1st Marine Division veterans must be a full-time student in an accredited college or university. Application is to be done every academic year but the grant cannot be given for more than four years. Instructions on how to apply for the grant are available at the website of the 1st Marine Division Association.

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