Grants for Child Care Centers

Federal and state agencies, and private organizations, provide grants for child care that are designed to make child care facilities safe for children. Federal and state requirements mandate that child care facilities must meet criteria and standards in order to guarantee the safety and well being of the children under their care. Grants for child care support programs that will upgrade the level of care in the different child care centers in the country.

Child Care and Development Fund

Provided by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Child Care Bureau, the CCDF programs in the different states aim to improve the quality of child care across the U.S. Funds are intended to make child care accessible and safe. In California, $2.5 million of the Recovery Act funding is administered by the Department of Education for the eligible child care centers that are contracted by the state to serve low-income families.

Kansas Facility Upgrade Grants

The Kansas State-Provider Cooperation Committee awards grants for facility upgrade to home-based child care centers in order for them to improve their facilities with such items as gates and fences, playground surfacing, outdoor playground equipment that comply with KDHE safety standards, and stair guardrails. SPCC aims to make child care in Kansas safe for the children and affordable for the parents. Eligibility requirements for the grant include: documented need, cost of estimate, records of regulatory compliance, and a demonstrated commitment to high quality child care. In addition, applicants for the grant must have business address in Kansas, a current child care license, and a certification in child first aid, CPR and safe sleep/SIDS.

Nonprofit Finance Fund Child Care Initiative

The NFF Child Care Initiative provides funds to nonprofit child care centers in the different counties of Philadelphia to fund construction of playground, upgrade or repair of equipment, and help meet standards for disabilities. The grants offer funding of a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $75,000 but require to have a matching fund from other grant sources. The NFF grants are mainly focused on increasing the capacity of current child care centers in the state. Beneficiary child care facilities must be enjoying a tax-exempt status for at least three years but does not require a minimum requirement of operations. The applicant’s child care business must be in operation for a minimum of 12 months. The beneficiary child care facility must be offering a year-round operation with a full-day service and must possess a valid certificate to operate a child care business.

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