Gamble Foundation Grants

What is the Gamble Foundation Grants?

Founded in 1968, The Gamble Foundation is primarily interested in supporting organizations that serve disadvantaged children and youth in San Francisco, Marin and Napa counties. Within the field of youth development, the Foundation focuses on literacy, educational and personal enrichment programs designed to open doors of opportunity for at-risk youth in order to help them succeed in school and become productive, self-sufficient members of society. The Foundation is particularly interested in agricultural/environmental education, financial & computer literacy, vocational training and programs that prevent substance abuse and teen violence. To a lesser degree, the Foundation supports environmental organizations that focus on land preservation and sustainability, animal welfare and management, and pollution control. The foundation is interested in promoting green concepts that increase awareness of science based solutions that help reduce consumption of finite resources.

Who are eligible for the Gamble Foundation Grants?

The Gamble Foundation Grants are open to all organizations that cater to or support disadvantaged children and youth in San Francisco, Marin and Napa counties.

How to apply for the Gamble Foundation Grants?

Proposals should be for a specific amount and must include the following:

  • Cover letter, on organization letterhead with address and phone number, including a brief summary of the request and a list of attachments (not more than one page)
  • Proposal narrative (not to exceed 5 pages)
    • Concise description of the organization (not more than two pages)
      • Relevant history
      • Mission
      • Geography and populations served
      • Overview of programs
    • Description of the project (not more than three pages)
      • Need
      • Purpose, goals
      • Timeline
      • Project budget, including secured and projected sources of funding
  • Financial statement, including actual revenue and expenses for the organization’s most recently completed fiscal year
  • Organizational budget for the present year, detailing proposed expenditures and projected sources of funding (not more than two pages)
  • List of the Board of Directors, with affiliations
  • Copy of the agency’s IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt determination letter

How much funding is available for the Gamble Foundation Grants?

Grants range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Where to send applications for the Gamble Foundation Grants?

The Foundation encourages submission of proposals and attachments by email. For those submitting by email, the proposal and required attachments should be emailed in PDF format only. Please send your proposal to Sunnie Kaufmann-Paulman at

For more information on the Gamble Foundation Grants, contact:

Eric L. Sloan
The Gamble Foundation
1660 Bush Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, California 94109
(415) 561-6540 ext. 205
(415) 561-6477 (FAX)

Gamble Foundation Grants

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