Microenterprise Development Grants

What is the Aim of the Microenterprise Development Grants?

The Microenterprise Development Grants aim to increase the number of microenterprises and to enhance the management capability of microentrepreneurs to provide training and technical assistance at little or no cost to microentrepreneur and/or microenterprises to assist in starting, expanding and/or growing their business; to provide training and capacity building services to enhance existing MDOs and expand the universe of MDOs that provide microenterprise development training programs and services; and to fund research and development of best practices for training and technical assistance consistent with the PRIME Act.

Who are Eligible for the Microenterprise Development Grants?

Recipients of the Microenterprise Development Grants shall be non-profit microenterprise development or program (or a collaborative thereof) that has a demonstrated record of delivering microenterprise services to disadvantaged entrepreneurs, an intermediary, a microenterprise development organization or program that is accountable to a local community, working in conjunction with a State or local government or Indian tribe, or an Indian tribe acting on its’ own, if the tribe can certify that no private organization or program referred to in this paragraph exists within its’ jurisdiction.

How to Apply for the Microenterprise Development Grants?

Subject to the availability of funds, SBA will issue a Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) soliciting responses from qualified organizations for the services to be provided under the Act.

Where to Apply for the Microenterprise Development Grants?

See Regional Agency Offices.

For more information on Microenterprise Development Grants, contact:

Headquarters Office
SBA Executive Secretariat 409 3rd. Street, SW , Washington, District of Columbia 20416
Phone: 1-800-827-5722
Email: SBAExecSec@sba.gov
Web Site Address: http://www.sba.gov/inv

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