Grants for Business – The Federal Government’s way of helping Rural Businesses

The federal government through its U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development is supporting emerging and small businesses in the rural areas. This is the federal government’s way of caring for the rural communities. The cash grants for business in the rural areas vary yearly and it depends on the allotted funds by the congress. Most of the time, the grants are made available for non-profit organizations to support works for the benefit of the rural communities. Interested applicants can get in touch with the local Rural Development office.

Rural Business Enterprise Grants or the RBEG Program

The Rural Business Enterprise Grants program is a project by the Rural Development office that will provide the needed cash grants for projects aimed din rural areas. The grants will finance and assist development and advancement of emerging and small rural businesses. It can also fund the distance learning networks and the employment-related education programs. The RBEG assists business development through broad range of activities. The cash grants that are awarded vary and in general, smaller business projects are given the most priority. The cash assistance starts from $10,000 and can be as high as $500,000. Eligible applicants are rural areas like towns and communities, state and local agencies and government, Indian tribes as well as private non-profit organizations and corporations are eligible to apply for funding.

Rural Business Opportunity Grants or the RBOG Program

The Rural Business Opportunity Grants is a program aimed to promote economic development that is sustainable for the rural communities with outstanding desires through the condition of training as well as technical assistance for the development of business, entrepreneurs, and rural economy. The grant can also be used for the assistance with the planning for economic development. The maximum cash grant that can be awarded for a single project per state is up to $50,000, while the highest grants a project for two or more states is about $150,000. The eligible applicants are the rural public entities, rural non-profit organizations, Indian tribes, as well as cooperatives with rural members.

For more details about the grants awarded by the USDA Rural Development, you can call the National Office at (202) 690 – 4730 or (202) 690 – 4737. For the guidelines and requirements, contact the local Rural Development office in your area.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development
Room 5045-S
Mail Stop 3201
1400 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, DC 20250-3201

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