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People who come to the US to settle for good know they have to earn their keep in order to continue enjoying what their new country has to offer. The US is indeed a land of opportunities for these people who have a left behind their own country which to them did not provide real opportunities for them to prosper economically. However, one disappointment these people often experience once the live in the US is that not all their dreams can come true. They know they have to work hard but sometimes the opportunities are neither there or they just find it hard to get information because first of all, they don’t speak the language and they have nobody to help them go through the procedures.

But some of them will find success indeed as there are business grants for immigrants they can avail of to help them be on their way to financial success in their adopted land.

These business grants are usually granted through state agencies and can be availed of by individuals, and non-profit groups or organizations. To qualify, interested immigrants are required to write a grant proposal plan or a business plan. They can obtain business development grants which include management and technical help, capital sourcing assistance, and training. Immigrants who already have small business and are disadvantaged economically or socially can apply for this type of grant. Considered as part of this group are Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and Africans.

Another type of business grants for immigrants is the Wilson-Fish program under the Refugee and Entrant Assistance of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Under this program, certain immigrants coming Vietnam, Haiti and Cuba, and special immigrants proceeding from Afghanistan and Iraq are qualified to receive grants that help them gain employment. To qualify these immigrants must show documentary proofs of their immigrant status.

Financial assistance can last up to 8 months while availing of social services can be made for a longer time period. You can get more information from their headquarters at 370 L’Enfant Promenade SW, 8th Floor West, Washington, District of Columbia 20447. Their phone number is: (202) 205-5933 Fax: (202) 205-5888.

The Refugee and Entrant Assistance have another type of grant called Discretionary Grants. Its goal is to reduce the number of immigrants requiring financial assistance through education in financial management and stable family life. This grant is limited to those from Haiti, Asia and Cuba. They don’t have to present documentary evidence of their immigrant status to qualify for this type of grant.

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