Grants for Business Women – Empowering the Women

Many economists believe that women have the right fit in economic growth and development. For them, women are the most powerful and appropriate engine that drives economy to the right direction. Women are very careful when it comes to decisions; this is one reason why economists believe in businesswomen. If you are a woman looking for assistance in terms of grants for business women, you would have hard time looking for it in the federal government because the federal government and its agencies offers only business loans, whether you are a woman. Instead, try to look for private and non-profit organizations that will assist you. More specifically, organizations that promote women empowerment are the best starting point for searching for you free money as grant.

Amber Grants

The Amber Grant is a program intended for female small business owners. The Amber grant is created to support women in her business venture, whether small, home-based or online. The grant can be used for start up cost, upgrading of the needed equipments, start-up materials purchasing and so on. The allotted cash assistance for the recipient is from $500 up to as high as $1,000. For the first quarter of the year 2011, the deadline for the submission of application is set on April 30, 2011. The female entrepreneur who will win the grant will be emailed as her notification of being the winner after seven days. The application process is to be completed online and applicants must go to this website: For more details, inquiries and information, visit the

Women’s Funding Network

The Women’s Funding Network is a national duty of local offices that support female business owners. Application for this grant or assistance is available in the state or even the local area of the network. The grants are only available to the Women’s Funding Network’s members and so interested women business owners must apply for a membership. Majority of the funds of the network are aimed for the programs that will build and develop opportunities in the economic field for women in order to fight the increasing problem of poverty. Through the building entrepreneurship, the funding of the network can be used in promoting the business ownership of women, efforts for micro finance, or even the means of providing women the needed access in most micro-loans, financial assistance, literacy on finances and the training for business management.

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