Grants for Business Start Up

Many people are looking for grants for a business start up. It would be difficult for them to find such grants especially if they look for it within the federal government. The truth is that the grants awarded by the federal government comes from the taxes you pay. That is why it would be difficult to get grants especially if it is intended for business start up expenses. Most of the time, the grants are offered to non-profit organizations and these organizations will put the cash assistance in to charitable use that will benefit the society. There are business start-up grants awarded by the federal government, but it is given to the non-profit organizations in which they use the money for economic development especially in the rural and less privileged areas. If you are really looking for assistance in your business start up, look for business loans not grants.

Rural Business Enterprise Grants or the RBEG program

The Rural Business Enterprise Grant program is offered by the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development to non-profit organizations that are private and rural, rural public agencies, Indian tribes. The cash grants are used for the projects in rural economic development, which include facilitating and financing emerging and small business and other related things on business start up. This program gives higher priorities to projects that are small and rural communities that are small too. The cash assistance awarded by the USDA Rural Development award is from $10,000 up to the maximum of $500,000. Application must be done on the local office of the Rural Development in your area. For general inquiries of the USDA Rural Development and their programs, call them at (202) 690 – 4730 or visit their website at

USDA Rural Development, Room 5045-S
Mail Stop 3201
1400 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20250-3201

Amber Grants

The Amber Grants is the program Women’s Net and is awarded to female entrepreneurs operating a small business. The cash assistance that the foundation awards are used for the start up expenses of their small business, home based business and online business. The cash grant is from $500 up to $1,000. For this quarter of the year 2011, the due date for application is on the 30th of April, 2011. The recipient of this grant is notified after a week through email after the said due date. The application process is completed online – visit this website to fill out the application form online: For more details, visit

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