Business Grants

The economy is finally back on its feet, and what better way to celebrate the renewed interest in business than by encouraging small businesses to expand and funding the many different aspects of the business industry.

There are tons of grants and financial assistance projects that are open to entrepreneurs and business owners across America. The requirements for eligibility may vary, but one thing’s for sure, there’s more than enough grant funds which are up for grabs every year. As with anything else, you need to be persistent and consistent – and most of all be positive about your grant application.

Here are a few tips on Where to Look for small business grants:

  1. Local Government Agencies. Cities, counties and states regularly give away money to help the cause of local businesses. They do so because new businesses or business expansions create new jobs and additional tax revenue.
  2. Federal Government Agencies. The federal government does not give business grants directly to companies or businesses. What they do is hand over money to foundations who in turn award these grants to small businesses. The Grants Program Management Office is in charge of this. Business grant opportunities are listed publicly at
  3. Major Corporations. Big business conglomerates almost always have a foundation that gives out grants to help local communities, and a good number of these goes to grants which help start or expand a business. Knock on the doors of companies nearest your town, city or home state and check if they give out business grants. You can look at other states too, since most companies are not very strict with where you are from.
  4. The Internet. Everything’s online these days, so it’s only logical that grant opportunities are too. You can search for the keyword phrase “business grants” or “small business grant” and you can further that search by qualifying it with the city, county, state you are in. Just make sure that you double check your search results and look at forums to verify that these grant programs are the real deal.