Grants for Capacity Building

Capacity building refers to the assistance provided to deserving entities that have a need to create or develop certain competence or skill for general improvement of performance capability. With this kind of intention, there are organizations that provide grants for capacity building. One example is the UN; the UN organization provided capacity building being part of their programs for technical cooperation with the countries that are member of UN. But capacity Building is not just limited to the assistance work internationally; it can also be used for transforming community as well as industry in their approach to the environmental and social problems.

Non-profit Partnership

The Non-profit Partnership is a program providing training, education, as well as the necessary tools that will strengthen the local non-profit organizations and agencies. Through their capacity building services and programs, they aim to enhance the administration and governance of the regional based non-profit organizations. The grants for capacity building that the Non-profit Partnership provides are intended to give assistance to non-profits in order to secure professional, to enhance the organizational capacity and to address the important matters and issues of development of the organization as well as their effectiveness. Interested applicants must first submit Letters of Interest or LOI on or before the 15th of June, 2011. The guide for LOI can be downloaded at The LOI must be emailed at Accepted applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the grant. For more details, contact the foundation at (814) 454 8800.

    The Non-profit Partnership
    459 West 6th Street
    Erie, PA 16507

Satterberg Foundation

The Satterberg Foundation is an organization that provides grants for capacity building in which they aim to strengthen the communities through promotion of a fair society as well as a sustainable surrounding and environment. Through the program, the Satterberg Foundation also aimed to deepen the connection of every family. For interested applicants, you must visit Their website has the application guidelines. Deserving applicants will be notified and they must call the foundation at (206) 441 3045 or by emailing them at their website. The deadline for submission of applications is on the 10th of June, 2011. The cash that will be awarded is up to $5,000. Please visit their website for the complete information and details about the applications, guidelines and funding use.
The Satterberg Foundation

    810 Securities Bldg., 1904 Third Ave.,
    Seattle, WA 98101
    (206) 441 3045

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