BP Grants For Oil Spill

Several months have passed since the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico but scientists and environmentalists continue to be pessimistic about its long term effects on the prevailing ecosystem of the deep sea where it happened. They believe that it could be a lot worse than what happened in 1989 during the Exxon Valdez incident.

It’s not only the oil itself that is giving the scientists something to worry about but the chemical dispersants that were used to break down the oil too. In fact, federal officials involved in making recovery plans are continuously on alert for any signs of fish or wildlife species collapse in the Gulf of Mexico area. One of their primary recommendations is the formation of a combined research and monitoring team in order to identify any sign of initial trouble with the resident species in the Gulf, and gather information to be provided to concerned agencies to prevent worsening of the devastating effects of the oil spill.

In order to encourage research and investigations that will give way to concerted and fruitful recovery efforts, there are now several BP Grants For Oil Spill that qualified agencies and institutions can avail of. One of them is the $500 million, 10 year research program that marine scientists can obtain research grants for investigations into the deep water effects of oil, gas and the dispersants used to clean up the oil spill. The grant can also be used in the long term monitoring of the biological impact of the disaster, and determine new technologies and efforts that can be used to safely restore and repair the ecosystem damaged by the mishap. Other important concerns where marine scientist can use this grant can include investigations into the interaction of the oil and the dispersants used with tropical storms, and how these interactions affect the seabed, the shoreline and the water column in the Gulf of Mexico and other outlying areas directly connected with the affected areas.

This BP grant for oil spill was started on May 24, 2010 and the first three institutions to receive an initial combined $25 million grant were announced on June 15. Included in this batch were the Florida Institute of Oceanography, the Northern Gulf Institute, and the Louisiana State University.

You can get more information for this grant by contacting the BP Press Office London at +44 20 7496 4076 or BP Press office, US: +1 281 366 0265. You can also call the Unified Command Joint Information Center at +1 985 902 5231 or visit these websites: www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com and www.bp.com/gulfofmexico

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