The Getty Foundation Grants

The Getty Foundation aims to support individuals and organizations that are committed to advance the understanding and to preserve visual arts both here and abroad. Majority of their funding is by initiatives that focus on a specific issue or region and is done in collaboration with other Getty programs. Its largest initiative funding is “History as a Global Discipline” with projects in this particular category focuses on the translation of art and in the international academic collaboration.

Who is Eligible to Apply for The Getty Foundation Grants?

Application is open to all established scholars or artists who are distinct in their chosen field. It is open to all nationalities with no discrimination to race as long as they are working on the arts, humanities, and/or social sciences.

How to Apply for The Getty Foundation Grants?

Visit the website to know the application process. Grant applications will be evaluated by the Getty Research Institute and will look at the overall quality of the application, how it bears on the research theme for that year, past achievements, and how would the project benefit from the grants to be awarded.

Where to Apply for The Getty Foundation Grants?

Visit their website for more information on where to submit the application papers for the grant.

For more information, contact:

The Getty Research Institute
1200 Getty Center Dr., Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90049

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