Private Grants for Dance Studios

In order to improve the dance performances and the make the art of dancing close to the general public, it is recommended to have dance studios in good working condition. For that reason, there are grants for dance studios in which dance companies, organizations and the like can apply. The National Endowment of the Arts or NEA is one agency of the federal government supporting art organizations. Still, there are private organizations and foundation offering support to dance organizations.

Building Up Infrastructure Levels for Dance or BUILD

This BUILD program is focused on giving support to the development and enhancement of the environment in a dance company or organization. In addition to this goal, the BUILD also aimed to support development professionally through educational seminars and trainings. The BUILD is managed by the New York Foundation for the Arts or the NYFA. Interested dance companies or organization must submit application on or before April 22, 2011. Under the BUILD program, there are subsequent projects in which dance companies can specifically apply:

  • The BUILD Stability – this program is offered to dance companies with budget below $35,000. They can apply for this program and can receive cash grant amounting to $1,000 up to $2,500. This cash grants are considered emergency grants.
  • The BUILD is also awarding operating grant assistance to dance companies that are small and mid-sized and based in New York City. Recipients of this grant can get cash grants worth $10,000 for infrastructure improvement and $20,000 for management capacity. The support can be utilized for a wide range of projects provided that the goal coincides with infrastructure and maintenance.

All inquiries, details and question must be asked to Peter Cobb by calling him through phone at (212) 366 – 6900 local 212 or through his e-mail at

20 Jay St., 7th floor,
Brooklyn, NY11202

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation competitive grants

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation or AAACF offers competitive grant that give support to various projects and programs that address the needs of the community. This can be the arts and culture, community enhancement and development, environment, education, housing projects health and human services, development in early childhood, the seniors, and youth. Visit the website of the AARCF to get to know more about the programs they fund. Grants are awarded twice a year. For the 2011 cycle, the application deadline is set at February 2 and October 5. Call the foundation at (734) 663 – 0401. Visit

Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
301 North Main St.,
Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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