Grants for Documentaries

For those seeking grants to start or make documentaries there are available financial aids in the form of grants. These grants for documentaries are offered to filmmakers doing a documentary that tackles specific and relevant issues of today. Documentary films are the medium that informs the audience of what are happening today, the truth behind a particular issue, or giving deep information about a significant issue that has an effect to the society. Grants for documentaries are great means to help them makers do quality works.

Arthur Vining Davis foundations – the Foundations Programs

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, through its grant programs offers grants for Public Television that will be used as a medium for educational purposes. These grants will mainly provide partial assistance for a chief educational series, which has assured airing nationally by PBS. Applicants must work for the contribution to the students studying in grades K-12, higher as well as the continuing education. Those making documentaries intended for children are given particular interest. The foundation will award cash grant amounting to $100,000 up to $400,000. For more details about the grant programs, contact Dr. Jonathan T. Howe. He is the Executive Director of the foundation. Visit their website or send an e-mail to them at You can call them at (904) 359 – 0670.

225 Water Street,
Suite 1510,
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Grants with Fiscal Sponsorship

The Grants with Fiscal Sponsorship is a grant program that is sponsored and administered by the Hartley Film Foundation. This program provides assistance in the form of seed grants. These grants are open to all the documentaries that Hartley Film Foundation is sponsoring financially. The foundation supports documentaries about world religions as well as spirituality. Interested applicants for these grants must first submit a grant proposal. The grant proposal must have the following items; the narrative of the projects, the style it follows, who are the target audiences and how it would be distributed, the board of advisory (if applicable), biography of the main crew, proposed budget and the strategy for fundraising. Applicants should also enclose a trailer or even a cut of their proposed documentary film, a sample of the work. There is no deadline of submission for these grants because the foundation works in a rolling basis. For more questions, comments, inquiries about the Grants with Fiscal Sponsorship, call the foundation at (800) 937 – 1819. Send all the materials to:

Hartley Film Foundation
49 Richmondville Ave., Ste. 204
Westport, Connecticut 06880
Attention: Sarah Masters

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