Grants for Dance Programs – Supporting the Cause of the Art of Dancing

One of the active in giving grants for dance programs is the Mertz Gilmore Foundation. The foundation is a known grant-making organization aiming to assist healthy communities, the performing arts, human rights, and environment that is sustainable. For the performing arts, the foundation has the New York Dance; this is a program with the goal of sustaining high level of visibility and activity for the dance all over the city as well as cultivating rich mixture of the artists and their audiences. Under the New York Dance program, there are three grant projects. For the full details of the New York Dance, contact Leah Krauss by calling her at (646) 723 – 2225. Visit and look for the programs.

Grants for Presenters

The Mertz Gilmore Foundation is providing operating assistance and support for the presenters of dance companies that are categorized as small or mid-sized dance companies in New York City. A presenter is defined as an organization, department or the program of bigger organization that makes it possible for the exchanges between the artists based in New York City and the audiences via performance opportunities that are creative. The grants are offered and made available only to the groups that are presenting contemporary dance. The amount of grant varies depending on the need of the dance companies and the assistance usually is two years in length.

Grants for Festivals

The foundation is also supporting lots of festivals all over the New York City that are dance specific.

Grants for Advocacy and Support Services

This grant program is offered on a limited basis as well as for the opportunities that will meet the strategic apprehensions of the foundation. Eligible organizations are encouraged to submit their proposals for this technical assistance programs. The Mertz Gilmore Foundation is considering discrete projects for capacity building as well as support service. Before submitting the inquiry letter and proposals, contact first Leah Krauss though phone at (646) 723 – 2225 or through her email at

A letter of inquiry is needed to be submitted on or before August 12, 2011 for the grant cycle of fall. The letter must be three pages in total and must be submitted electronically (email). A detailed budget plan must be included in the letter. For more details about the foundation, call them at (212) 475 – 1137.

Mertz Gilmore Foundation
218 E 18th St.
New York, NY 10003

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