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Art encompasses a lot of disciplines. It is the expression of an individual’s talent, vision and creativity. It is in art that a nation’s culture and lifestyle is reflected and put on exhibit. The United States puts an importance in the preservation and proliferation of art and all its forms. Grants are given to students and aspiring artists to enable them to hone their skills and talent. Grants are free financial aid, services or goods that government, private institutions and individuals give to qualified applicants in order to help them achieve their artistic goals.

USA Fellows Program

The program is a grant that is given to support artists in all their career stages whether they are just starting, in mid-career or already established artists. The fellowship is awarded to cover a broad selection of disciplines: architecture and design, traditional arts and crafts, dance, literature, media, music, theater arts and visual arts. The grants are used by the artists for various purposes like developing a project, purchasing art supplies, to cover personal expenses, travel, to receive training and education and to subside or volunteer for other pursuits.

To qualify for the grant the individual must become a USA Fellow. To get this position he or she must be nominated by an anonymous group of art critics, leaders, artists and scholars who were chosen by USA. The nominators are asked to submit a list of names of the artists who they know have an astonishing commitment to their kind of craft. Artists must at least be 21 years old or more, legal residents or citizens of any US state. They must also have the following criteria: excellent artistic skills, formal or informal art education or training, historical record of income from these skills and a record of their active engagement in the presentation of their own artwork to the public.
The selected artists are informed of their nomination and are advised to submit an online application with their work samples. A panel of discipline-specific peers composed of art experts and leading artists select the finalists. The approval of the final recommendations is handled by the USA Board of Directors. The announcement is made during the annual award celebration.

Each of the fellows is awarded a $50,000 unrestricted grant. Applications may be sent thru the website

Terra Foundation for American Art Grant

This program actively initiates and supports historical American art scholarships, exhibitions and programs in the United States, Chicago and in other parts of the world. Funding is provided to projects with a focus on 1500 to 1980 American Art. The main objective of this program is to foster the appreciation and understanding of American Art via educational programs, exhibitions and distribution of scholarly resources. It also initiates partnerships with various institutions in the organization of exhibits and programs. The foundation has developed multiple program areas to be able to achieve their goals. These programs are Academic programs, Exhibitions, Public Programs and K-12 Education Programs.

The following are the active grants awarded for the fiscal year 2011:

1 Chicago Humanities Festival (Chicago, IL)

This grant is given to support the Terra Foundation Lecture focusing on American Art which runs from 2009-2011. The lecture is part of the organization’s two-week humanities celebration and is dedicated to the topic of art history related to its annual festival theme. The given amount of the grant is $45,000.

1 College Art Association (NY,NY)

This grant supports the 2010 and2014 Distinguished Scholar Sessions at the Chicago Annual Conferences of the same years. The sessions are held to celebrate the contributions given by distinguished curators and scholars of American art. The panel brings together 5 participants and an honoree. The grant amount given is $42,800.

1 Columbia College Chicago (Chicago, IL)

This grant is given to support the international symposium held in 2011 at Nederlands FotoMuseum, Rotterdam. The symposium is concurrent with the opening of the latest exhibition organized by Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona. The Terra Foundation is the founder of the international tour. The Grant given is in the amount of $20,000.

1 Courtauld Institute of Art (London, UK)

The grant is awarded to support one postdoctoral 2-year teaching fellowship and 2 visiting short-term professorships in American art. This is to be held at the Courtauld Institute of Art for the academic years of 201-2012 and 2012-2013. This is designed to expose the student to the best recent scholarships on historical American Art. The amount of grant given is $179,280.

To apply for the grant applicants must compose a letter of inquiry. The foundation will review the letter of inquiry before they require the applicant to submit a formal proposal. The proposals will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and will be subjected to a review process before any final decisions are made.

The letters must be written in English and sent to:

    The Grants Manager
    Terra Foundation for American Art
    980 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1315
    Chicago, Illinois 60611
    United States

    or emailed to

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