Grants for Ceramics Research And History

Ceramics is part of history. It grows along with civilizations. Ceramics are important artifacts that can be a good starting point to know the history. It can lead to the idea on how people back then create ceramics, how they live and how they behave. For arts’ sake, ceramics are also one of the most significant fields in arts. Many artists are devoting their life perfecting and sharpening their skills as ceramic artists; there are also several individuals who are devoting their life on researches that are conducted to know the history of ceramics.

In order to conduct extensive research about ceramics and its history, there is a need for funds. Many organization and foundation recognizes this and they are willing to provide help to those who are eager to conduct researches about ceramics. One of the foundations that provide grants for ceramics and its study is the American Ceramic Circle or ACC. They are awarding financial aid to chosen people amounting to $5,000 that will cover the expenses related to the preparation of papers that are scholarly and are uses original researches about the ceramics’ history as the basis. The recipient of the grants can use the cash for travels that are related as well as photography. However, recipients of the grants must present the complete papers that will be published in the ACC Journal. He/she may also become a speaker to the ACC symposium held annually.

The deadline for this grant is on the first day of April, 2011. Interested groups or individuals may contact Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, Ph. D.

ACC Grants Chairperson
Birmingham Museum of Art
Curator of Decorative Arts
2000 Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr. Blvd.
Birmingham, AL 35203-2278

Another example of grants for ceramics is the Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society or TACS research grants. The grants are used to support historical researches about tiles and architectural ceramics. Recipient of the grants can receive funds for travel expenses, subsidies and other research related costs. These grants for ceramics are mostly offered to the students as well as researchers who have by now engaging with the study or research that concerns about or in relation to the wide history of tiles as well as the architectural ceramics.

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