Grants for Band Uniforms

Bands that performs in any school (whether it is high school or college) or even a ball game such as football are always fully prepared. From their performance up to their appearance, they have it all. Marching bands wear particular pants, hats, capes and coats. These glittering and good looking uniforms are most of the time beyond the financial capabilities of the music organizations or institutions they belong to. Fortunately, there are grants for band uniforms that will help the band with these expenses.

Mockingbird Foundation Grants

The non-profit organization called Mockingbird Foundation is giving support to the field of music all over the country. In particular, the foundation is giving grants to the projects and programs in which they utilize music to promote self-esteem as well as self-expression to most students. Most of the time, the foundation is assisting disenfranchised learners. The foundation is supporting the cause of music through grants for band uniforms,as well as field trips, purchasing musical instruments, and the supporting technology for music. The assistance in terms of monetary may vary from $50 up to $5,000. Recipients can get a higher amount if volunteers donate more to the foundation. Visit for more in depth details.

Target Arts in Education Grants

The Target Arts in Education by the Target Corp. Is awarding grants for the arts to the non-profit organizations and the schools under the Section 501 (c) 3. Their support will make music become closer to students by making the things needed for music education affordable and inexpensive. The money given by the foundation is not for regular programs, but for uniforms in which they will use for outreach as well as arts program. The foundation is only awarding deserving organizations that are based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minneapolis area. The application for the grants is done online and you can visit their website at

Prescott Pops Symphony Grants

The Prescott Pops Symphony is an Arizona based organization that aims to bring back to their community their success through music supports among youth. The organization is providing assistance such as grants for band uniforms and all instrumental programs. The grants are made available for intermediate or secondary schools that are Prescott, AZ based. More than $20,000 cash assistance is given away as of 2010. For more details, visit their website ( or mail them at:

Prescott Pops Symphony
P.O. Box 10232
Prescott, AZ 86304

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