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A person who has an inborn talent for the arts should consider themselves truly blessed because not everyone has this gift. Some artists just need to hone and develop their skills further with the proper training and environment. An artist’s life is not easily. If you lack the financial capacity to develop your talent it might take you a lifetime to achieve the success you desire. Fortunately there are several grants that are given to professional and budding artists that will help these individuals improve their art and talent by providing them with the resources and the opportunities that they need.

18th Street Arts Complex (18TH Street Arts Center)

This program provides a residency program wherein they host artists of different nationalities and disciplines for a month to one year. Not only do they provide a creative environment for the artists to work on their art, they also sponsor art programs and exhibits. These provide opportunities for their sponsored artists to show their work and earn media mileage. They have an open door policy to all artists however residents from Los Angeles are prioritized.

Individual artists can apply for 3 years of their residency program while organizations can avail of the 5 year term. The residents will be required to provide a service in the Community Service Program for the foundation and the residents.

Applicants will be required to submit their resume or short biography, supporting documents like articles, reviews, letters of recommendation and promotional materials. Work samples and a brief statement of the artist’s priorities and perspectives will be needed.

Only the applicants with complete requirements will be entertained. A Program committee will select emerging to mid-career artists and organizations based on their stringent criteria. Applications may be sent on line or to 1639 18th street Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Total funding for the grants amounts to $30,000.

Hermitage Artist Retreat, Inc.

This foundation gives support for residences for artists. The participants are selected from experienced composers, creative artists and playwrights from various disciplines with their lead artist. These participants are given a substantial fee to commission and produce a major project.

The selection process of this foundation is by nomination only. Accomplished mid-career artists and fellows are selected from a pool of nominees by the National Artist Advisory Committee.

There is however some exceptions to the selection process:

  • Sarasota Country Fellows Program
  • Collaborations with other art organizations which may put artists into their facility.

The Sarasota Country Fellows Program is open to artists who are residents of Sarasota County. Cash awards ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 are given to writers, visual artists and composers. Aside from the cash grant these artists are given a 3 week residency at the Hermitage. Late spring and early summer is the best time to get in touch with the Sarasota Country Arts Council for these grants.

If you want to avail of the grants offered by the Sarasota Country Arts Council, you can look through their website and send your application

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