Grants for Animation

In 2010, animated movies dominated the top 10 that gross the movie industry. Examples are the Avatar, Shrek, Toy Story 3 and many more. Animation in movies is one of the trends today and funding is very significant in order to come up with high quality animation production. If you do not get any support from huge film companies, then you should look for some source of funds. Finding the right grant is one way to get financial aid especially that you are a student or a recent graduate animator and filmmaker.

There are many grants for animation that are available. You can find them online. One of them is the National Endowment for the Arts grant. This is an organization that provides financial aids to all types of arts including animation in filming. Visit to find out more about the grants they offer and the needed requirements. You can sign up with them so that you can be informed of the upcoming grants for the field of animation.

There are also specific grants which are very specific to certain people. An example is the grant and scholarship offered only for women. The Woman in Animation is the organization behind the grant program they are offering – which is the Phyllis Craig Scholarship. They are offering this to women taking up animation courses. The typical financial aid in this grant is about $1,000 for the education of the chosen woman in the animation school that she is attending. For interested parties, she must have proof that she is in need of financial help, working in the USA, completed application form, her own film reel or portfolio, her own essay, proof of being an animation student and some recommendation letters. Visit the to get more details about this grant.

Another one where you can get funding is the Frameline. This grant is open to LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals with filmmaking profession. A financial aid of $5,000 to $7,000 for projects and these are intended for LGBT life. The individuals applying for this grant should have the control over the project and is 90% finished. In other words, the project must be in the post-production stage. Visit for more details regarding the grants.

There are lots of grants available for you there and you can also find state grants. One example is the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation that offers grants for animation in reputable six film schools in the USA. You can enjoy $15,000 financial aid is you are accepted in this grant.

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