Grants for Acting

Actors lead very extraordinary lives; they get to be in the shoes of people who may be totally different from their own. They may also portray someone who’s their alter ego and thus they can be on the stage and just let their own personality shine through. Acting can be very rewarding but can also be nerve-wracking at the same time; but whatever acting may be for an actor, the world will never be too small to be their stage. You may not think of actors and actresses as individuals who need grants for acting. It seems that every one of them would already have what they need but when it comes to the performing arts and how to develop their craft, they do need help and the more help they get, the better it will be for the rest of humanity who have to watch them on stage or in a movie house.

Global Connections Program – this program has two component grants a available to theater organizations and individual artists in the country. The first one is the Global Connections On the Road which provides 12 grants amounting to $6,000 for each recipient. This is earmarked for eligible applicants to help them promote relationships with their counterparts abroad through cultural exchange. The second one is the Global Connections In the Lab, which provides 6 grants amounting to $10,000 for each recipient. This grant can be used to promote international cooperation to develop works to full production.

Asian Cultural Council – This organization supports the promotion of cultural exchanges between the US and Asian countries. It has offices in Hongkong, Tokyo, Manila and Taipei. They provide grants to help in the research and development of projects in the performing and visual arts whether contemporary or traditional.

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) – this institution is actively funding theater projects that present the American spirit in a passionate, creative, bold, engaging and profound manner. They support the presentation or production of new plays, experimental work, puppetry, circus art and community based work.

Actors Work Program – this program was created in recognition of the fact that most actors and performing arts professionals are seasonally employed and thus, are always looking for work opportunities. Its objectives include career counseling and training opportunities. It also aims to help actors in searching for job placements and help them develop their craft.

Actors need to hone their talents at every opportunity. Each role they play can be both the outcome of their training and as a preparation for their next role of a lifetime. Grants for acting can help them be the actor that all fans around the world adore.

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