Ca$h Grants: Theatre Bay Area

The Ca$h Grants program is a program made by artists for artists that specializes in the field of theater or dance. This program is also available for companies that help fund theatre and dance companies that have budgets under $100.000 and was made in order to help create a resurgence in both the theater and dance communities all throughout the Northern California area.

These grants are given to those that are determined by their five member panel and can grant up to $2.500 for an individual and up to $5.000 for organizations and companies.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Ca$h Grants: Theatre Bay Area?

Those eligible to apply for the grants are individual artists and companies or organizations.

How to Apply for Ca$h Grants: Theatre Bay Area?

Visit their website or contact their head office for details on to apply for the grants.

Where to Apply for Ca$h Grants: Theatre Bay Area?

Go to their website for a detailed description of how to apply.

For more information, contact:

Theatre Bay Area
Attn: Ca$h
1663 Mission Street, Suite 525
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 430-1140 Ext. 14

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