Grants for Art Teachers

Being an art educator is one of the most noble and dignified jobs that you can ever do. You are tasked with developing young people’s minds into perfecting their talents and skills. In doing so, you do have to keep up with the latest trends in art. You also need to expose your students to a higher level of schooling in order to be an efficient teacher to them. The educational enhancement of your students will require some financial assistance which you can get from grants.

Grants are free goods, services and money which are given by the government, foundations and individuals as support in the achievement of a particular purpose. There are several active grants available most specially for art teachers based in Ohio or affiliated with schools from that state.

Artist Express Grant

This kind of grant provides cash for a one or two day visit of an artist to your school. $250 is given for a one day visit and $500 for a 2 day visit of the artist. The artist in question must be selected from the directory of the Ohio Arts Council. The actual fee for hiring the artist is $300 per day so the school must shoulder the $50 difference. The School will have to provide the artist his lunch and his necessary supplies.

Target Arts Grants

This program provides a financial assistance worth $2000 to schools which they can use for funding the needs of an artist-in-residence. It also provides for school sanctioned performances of the student and for funding their workshops. The applications for this grant are accepted once every year during the period of March 1 up to April 30. Educators can apply for this grant online.

Champion Creatively Alive Children

This is a mini-grant offered by The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and Crayola, makers of crayons. The award of $2,500 is given to 20 select elementary schools annually. The recipients are given Crayola products worth $500. The aim of the grant is to put into practice original and ingenious art projects into the school’s educational program.

Ship Grants

SHIP Grants is awarded to National Art Education Foundation members only. $500 cash awards are given to art teachers to provide funds for the purchase of their curriculum materials and equipment. The proposals submitted should be in line with the National Visual Arts standards which are published by the National Art Education Foundation.

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