Grant for Art Programs

Schools and institutions geared towards the education and promotion of arts have the need to create programs and projects to attain their purposes. Without proper funding of these activities these educational organizations will have a difficult time in realizing their goals. Grants are very helpful in providing free financial aid, goods and services to help these institutions fulfill their projects.

Rhode Island School of Design

The project entails a 1 and ½ day symposium is aimed at bringing health care experts to meet with the Rhode Island School of Design faculty, design professionals and students. The primary goal of the project is to connect health with design and art. The expert is expected to help people understand the important issues concerning health care that need a new approach. This is also the opportunity to introduce full portfolios of art designs and its disciplines to leader of the health care field. The symposium also aims to increase the knowledge of the public and advance public discussions of how art and design can improve health care. It also aims to cultivate creativity and collaborations in incorporating art and design into the solution to health problems. The topics are: how to design better homes for people with physical impairments; the use of creativity in design techniques in the promotion of health messages; the designing of environment to attract people the natural way to do physical activity and promote healthy living. The approved grant is awarded in the amount of $81,110.

Applicants for the grant can send their applications to:

Rhode Island School of Design (
2 College Street
Providence, RI 02903-2717
Or contact: Deborah Bright, MFA (Project Director) ( / John Maeda, Phd, MBA (Project Director)(

Arizona Humanities Council Grant Program

The Arizona Humanities Council awards grants to ground-breaking, community-based programs and partnerships that unite Arizonans to scholarships in humanities by way of public programming. The applicants eligible to apply are nonprofit organizations (501c3), academic institutions and governments that are local, state and tribal.

Applicants are required to submit a letter of Intent to Apply before they submit an application for a Project grant. They can fill out the Intent to Apply form in the website They can request up to the amount of $5,000 which is matched by contributions in-kind. An additional $5,000 can be requested if it is matched with a third-party contribution in cash which should be in place upon the time of application with AHC.

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