Grants for Drug Dogs and other K-9 units

Drug dogs are better known for identifying narcotics and illegal drugs. They are well-trained K-9 units and can be used in any drug busting operations. In order to enhance their trainings and give them the right care, there are grants for drug dogs. These dogs are active and energetic working animals and are considered as the pace-setters in the detection of illegal drugs. The dogs are trained through positive reinforcement such as using a hard rubber ball, play toy, or a rolled up towel to entice the dog to pursue and detect an illicit drug. This makes learning and training a very positive and exciting activity for the K9. The illegal drugs used in the training of the drug dogs include the following: cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines and its derivatives. These dogs are versatile and are very flexible, adapting to any type of search situation.

Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime

The Dogs Against Drugs / Dogs Against Crime or simply the DAD/DAC National Law Enforcement K-9 Association is a non-profit organization that aims to improve law enforcement K-9 operations and educate the youth about the dangers of using illegal drugs. The DAD/DAC offers grants to officers for buying special purpose dogs that are highly trained, as well as training equipment and supplies to provide training to both dog and officer. In accordance with the program, the organization also conducts training/working seminars for K-9 officers on various topics related to dogs serving the police. If you would like to seek out financial assistance from Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime, just complete the application form online at or you can download a pdf copy of it here: The form must be submitted by mail to:

Dogs Against Drugs / Dogs Against Crime
4012 W. 32nd St.,
Anderson, IN 46011

Planet Dog Foundation

The “Planet Dog Foundation” is a non-profit organization that focuses on assisting foundations nationwide that train, care for and support the placement of working service dogs. As of early 2011, the foundation awards cash grants up $7,500 to non-profit organizations for the training, veterinary care and day-to-day expenses of assistance dogs. Such dogs may include service dogs for the blind and disabled, psychiatric service or therapy dogs, or police and fire stations dogs. Eligible applicants must verify an accredited membership to a reputable non-profit animal organization such as Assistance Dogs International, Delta Society or Therapy Dogs International. The deadline for submission of application and LOI for this cycle is on August 12, 2011. Instructions, guidelines and process of the LOI can be downloaded at For more inquiries, contact PDF at or call the foundation at (207) 761 – 1515 extension 101.

Planet Dog Foundation
49 York St.
Portland, ME 04101

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